Your Child’s Key Person and ‘Learning Story’

Blofield Preschool has a ‘Key Person’ system. This means that every member of staff has a group of children for whom they are particularly responsible. Your child’s key person will work with you to make sure that what preschool provides is relevant and appropriate for their individual needs and interests. A Key Person will:

· Help your child manage during sessions

· Get to know them well through play and observations

· Plan activities to help them develop and thrive

· Build a positive relationship with the family

· Reflect on all the wonderful things they achieve

· Think about them and sometimes worry about them!

Rather than assigning a key person to your child ourselves, we wait a couple of weeks to see which staff member your child naturally warms to the most. We will then advise you who your child’s key worker is. You are welcome to chat to your key person at any time about any queries or suggestions you may have. While the children are divided between staff, all adults work to plan and play with all children, they just keep an extra special eye on the children who are in their ‘team’.

Your key Person will record and monitor your child’s progress in a Learning Journey. Staff regularly write observations or ‘wow moments’ and take photos to include in it. It covers each of the Prime and Specific areas of the EYFS (see Appendix 1) so that staff can use it to check progress and to shape future planning. You are also welcome to contribute to your child’s Learning Journey by telling us about any developmental ‘Wow moments’ that your child achieves at home, which we can add to their Learning Journey. Parents will be invited to a Parents Evening once a term, where you have the opportunity to view your child’s Learning Journey and speak to the staff about their learning and development.

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