Daily Routine

We would like to welcome both you and your child to Preschool and hope your time here will be enjoyable. We appreciate the first few weeks can be as daunting for you as a parent/carer as they are for your child and hope that the following will be of some help to you, but please speak to any member of staff or Committee Member about any queries or worries you may have at any time. The following sets out the daily procedures at Preschool.

Session Times

· Preschool sessions start at 9.10am and 12.10pm, Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. You will already have been advised what sessions your child is attending.

· Our morning session is 9.10-12.10 and 12.10-3.10 ... (9.00-12.00 and 12.00-3.00 with effect from 1 November 2021). If your child is attending a morning only session, they will go home for their lunch. If your child is attending an afternoon only or all day session, they will need to bring a packed lunch with them.

Butterflies and Caterpillars – entrance/exit

· If your child is starting ‘big’ school at the next September intake in 2022, they are one of our older children, and are known as ‘Butterflies’. For Butterflies, the entrance and exit to the Preschool will be at the playground gate to the front/right of the hall, next to the car park.

· If your child is not starting ‘big’ school until September 2023, they are one of our younger children, and are known as ‘Caterpillars’. For Caterpillars, the entrance and exit to the Preschool will be at the playground gate at the back/right of the Preschool (tennis court’s side), which you access by walking to the left of the hall and round the back of it.

What your child will need to bring each day:

1. A water-proof coat – please ensure your child’s name is clearly written on it.

2. A bag with named spare clothes/underwear in (in case of accidents or wet play). If your child is still in nappies/pull-ups, please ensure a large supply of nappies/pull-ups and wipes are in the bag and replenish it daily.

3. A water bottle with their name clearly written on. We also ask that you only send them in with water in their water bottles – not juice/squash. This is to avoid the risk of allergies (in case another child picks up your child’s bottle and drinks from it) and helps with sticky spillages.

4. A lunch box (if they are attending an afternoon session) with their name clearly written on. Please include any cutlery they will need to use (such as a spoon for yoghurt). Due to the risk of food allergies, we ask that no food (snacks/sweets) are stored in children’s bags. We are also a nut-free preschool (including no Peanut Butter). We like to promote healthy eating, so would be grateful if you could make the contents of your child’s lunch each day as healthy as possible and avoid putting in sweets and chocolate. Thank you.

5. Their Preschool book bag (this will be provided at our Settling-In Session) – please write their name on it in big black writing.



1. On arrival at the Butterflies or Caterpillar’s gate, please place your child’s lunch box (if they are attending an afternoon session); water bottle; bags/coats, etc, in the trollies/boxes provided near the entrances. A staff member will then help take your child off you and all the children will enter the hall. We will then take them to wash their hands.

2. Once all the parents have left, our daily routine can start in full. Please ensure that you drop off your child by 9.20am at the latest (for a morning/all-day session) and by 12.10 for an afternoon session, so we can lock the gates and start the session. Some children will go outside to play, whilst the others may have a sing-song together at carpet time, and then our more focussed and age relevant activities will begin.

3. We have circle time soon after Registration in the morning and afternoon. This is really important to build a sense of belonging in the room, listening to others, and taking turns. During circle time we talk about the day of the week, the weather, activities available that day, etc. For our Caterpillars we have a number and colour of the fortnight, and we discuss them. With our Butterflies, we discuss our number, shape, colour and letter of the fortnight. Please keep an eye on our Facebook Page for updates of what these are, so you can reinforce their learning at home.

4. Throughout the morning and afternoon we have both free-flow play (where the children decide which activities they want to do, using all the toys and equipment set out around the room and in the playground); and focussed activity time (where children will be sectioned off into small groups to carry out set activities with their key worker or other staff member).

5. We provide the children with a snack mid-morning.

6. Lunchtime is at 12.10, so children only attending a morning session go home (and our afternoon-only children arrive), and for those staying all day or attending an afternoon only session, they will then have their packed lunch.

7. The duration of each session is three hours (or six hours for a full day). When the session or day finishes, the children who are leaving will be ready to go, with their coat/lunchbox/water bottle/bookbag. Parents will come to the relevant gate (see above) to collect their child and we will bring your child out to you.

8. The children’s safety is important to us. Please remember to inform a member of staff if someone other than yourself is collecting your child. We keep a family password on our file, and on collection will ask any person who does not normally pick up to tell us the password you have chosen, to ensure the safety of your child. Please make sure you tell them the password in advance of them collecting.

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