Welcome to the Committee

Dear Parent/Carer,

On behalf of the Committee I’d like to welcome you and your family to Blofield Preschool. I would also like to ask you a few questions:

· Who manages your child’s Pre-school?

· Who employs the staff, sets pay and issues contracts?

· Who sets policies and fees?

· Who chooses and organises fundraising activities?

The answer is “You do!” or at least you could if you were a member of the management Committee.

My name is Zoey and I have been the Chairperson for Blofield Preschool since November 2018. My eldest daughter started attending in September 2018 and even though she was ready to start ‘Little School’ (her words), I was not ready and still felt I wanted to be included in her early years. This was why I looked into joining the Committee and I haven’t looked back since. Even though my eldest moved up to Primary School in September 20, my youngest then started Blofield Preschool, so on the Committee I remain.

We are a voluntary Committee of parents who manage your Preschool. Without its Committee, the Preschool would have no option but to close. We are now seeking nominations for several new members, as some of our existing members are stepping down due to their children moving onto Primary School.

What Would Joining the Committee Involve?

It is not a demanding job to be a Committee member. All that is needed is your enthusiasm and a little of your time. The majority of the routine day to day administration of the Preschool is carried out by the paid staff. The Committee’s function is one of management and overseeing the smooth running of the Preschool according to its policies, constitution and registration. The Committee is also there to discuss fundraising activities, social events, outings, fees, admissions and financial matters. We have a meeting every 6-8 weeks which are held at members’ homes in the evening. However due to recent events we have been holding our meetings over ‘Zoom’.

Your Preschool needs YOU!

Please consider joining the Committee and becoming a little more involved in the life of your Preschool. Our volunteers come from all sorts of backgrounds and bring a wide variety of skills. Some work, some don’t. Some have experience in accountancy or human resources. Others enjoy organising events, creating posters, or generally just helping out. All are welcome, and it’s a great way of meeting other parents and making new friends. The Committee works in close partnership with the qualified staff to ensure that we continue to offer good quality care and learning.

Remember that without the support of its parent Committee, Blofield Preschool will not be able to continue. This would be a tragic loss, not only to the children and families currently attending, but also to the local community as a whole. If you are interested in joining our Committee, please email the Preschool on blofieldpreschool@outlook.com to confirm your interest.

Remember, this is YOUR Preschool and it has always been the high level of parental involvement that has helped to make it so special.

Kind Regards

Zoey Mathews
Chairperson on behalf of the Committee

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